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S.Andrea della Valle Roma - facade cleaning

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Pollution agent, urban envi
Application, in siteTypology, cleaningDecay, crustYear, 1990total score, 5

Substrate, stoneSubstrate chemical composition, carbonateLithological name, Porosity, 0.0Pores diameter,

Environment clima:
Temperature (c), 17Temperature max, 30Temperature min, 4RH %, 72RH max, 78RH min, 68

UVA W/mq, 7Wind (km/h), 13Rain (mm/year), 876

1 methods was applied to this treatment

Method, mechanical cleaningPurpose, cleaningTool, Solvent,
Notes about tool,

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Bibliography related to this treatment

Authors: Ruggieri G., Cajano E. ,Delfini G., Mora P.L., Torraca G.
Title: Le pietre nell'architettura struttura e superfici
Subtitle: Il restauro conservativo della facciata di S Andrea della Valle in Roma
type: year: 1990 volume: pages: 535-543 editor: Pubsite:
Pubdetail: atti del convegno di studi Bressanone 1991 ISBN:

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