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Temple of Vespasian Roma - Columns reinforcement

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Pollution agent, urban envi
Application, in siteTypology, reinforcementDecay, differential degradationYear, total score, 3

Substrate, stoneSubstrate chemical composition, carbonateLithological name, Greek marblePorosity, 0.0Pores diameter,

Environment clima:
Temperature (c), 17Temperature max, 30Temperature min, 4RH %, 72RH max, 78RH min, 68

UVA W/mq, 7Wind (km/h), 13Rain (mm/year), 876

1 methods was applied to this treatment

Method, brushPurpose, reinforcementTool, acrylic polymers Solvent, chlorothene
Notes about tool,

score 1....
score 2....
score 3....
score 4....
score 5....

Bibliography related to this treatment

Authors: Roby Thomas C
Title: 8 Int. Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of stone
Subtitle: In situ assessment of surface consolodation and protection treatments of marble monuments in Rome of the 1980's
type: year: 1996 volume: 2 pages: 1015-1028 editor: Pubsite: Berlin
Pubdetail: ISBN:

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