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Tomba Ildebranda Sovana (Gr) - Parte coperta del Podio reinforcement after cleaning

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Pollution agent, Rural envi
Application, in siteTypology, reinforcement after cleaningDecay, differential degradationYear, 2006total score, 2

Substrate, stoneSubstrate chemical composition, silicateLithological name, Red Tuff with black glasesPorosity, 50.0Pores diameter,

Environment clima:
Temperature (c), 16Temperature max, 36Temperature min, -1RH %, 67RH max, 84RH min, 39

UVA W/mq, Wind (km/h), 14Rain (mm/year), 647

1 methods was applied to this treatment

Method, brushPurpose, reinforcement after cleaningTool, ethyl silicateSolvent, White spirit
Notes about tool, Ethyl silicate in white spirit (70%). The treatment was carried out in 2006 after the cleaning of the surface, prevous treated (1987-1990) with an unknown polymer. The lceaning was realized by mechanil methods (airbrasive and lancet) because of the polymer was not soluble in common solvents.

score 1....5          
score 2....4        
score 3....3      
score 4....2    
score 5....2    

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Bibliography related to this treatment

Authors: Pallecchi Pasquino
Title: Internal Report of Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici della Toscana
type: year: 2006 volume: pages: editor: Pubsite:
Pubdetail: ISBN:
Keywords: Red tuff, Tomba Ildebranda, Consolidation, Ethyl silicate

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