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Abbey of S Maria di Valle Chri Rapallo (GE) - reinforcement

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Pollution agent, urban envi
Application, laboratoryTypology, reinforcementDecay, flakingYear, 2003total score, 4

Substrate, stoneSubstrate chemical composition, calciteLithological name, Marly limestonePorosity, 0.0Pores diameter,

Environment clima:
Temperature (c), 15Temperature max, 27Temperature min, 5RH %, 60RH max, 71RH min, 61

UVA W/mq, 6Wind (km/h), 13Rain (mm/year), 1073

2 methods was applied to this treatment

Method, brushPurpose, reinforcementTool, acrylic polymers Solvent,
Notes about tool, Accelerated ageing: climatic chamber Mazzali climatest samples 5X5X2 samples broken after 150 cycles

score 1....
score 2....
score 3....
score 4....
score 5....

Method, sprayPurpose, reinforcementTool, perfluoro elastomersSolvent,
Notes about tool,

score 1....
score 2....
score 3....
score 4....
score 5....

Bibliography related to this treatment

Authors: Passarello V. Camaiti M. canova R. Fratini F.
Title: the decay of marly limestones: individuation of the products for their conservation
type: year: 2003 volume: pages: 151-158 editor: Pubsite: Parigi
Pubdetail: Art et chemie Les Polymeres atti del congresso ISBN: